// good morning? ;;

Well. I’m awake… and so very tired. Oh well, I’m alright! There’s internet, so there’s no time to sleep. So I get shots this Wednesday… Maybe I can drop by the anime store since it’s in Seattle. I hope so! <3 But after throwing up, my tummy feels unsettled at times. I guess I just need more water consumption.

After I looked at nearly /all/ my graphics from 2006~2007, I was kind of… glad I got better during the time. It shows I really did improve over my time! So all of my friends are right.

*commence “I told you so”*

Haha~ Anyway, I’ll keep working to improve! And… I need to figure out this tummy problem~ >-< Until… soon!


2 responses to “// good morning? ;;

  1. Razor August 17, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    I told you so! D=<

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