// WHY?! ;;

WHY AM I SO SLEEPY. This is blasphemy. Anywho, I tried singing in English! It.. doesn’t sound that wonderfully great. It sounds okay! Not.. great, though. But I’ll keep practicing! Because.. I MUST KEEP PRACTICING FOR THE SAKE OF PRACTICING? Then again, I’m a total procrastinator. I’ll just keep singing and singing though! But yesterday…

FLIPNOTE STUDIO. I downloaded it onto my DSi and started drawing. I uploaded two of them… One was just a creation of mine and the other was Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles.


(Warning, this site takes a while to load depending on your internet speed.)

But I didn’t have time to make graphics, I had to do requests. Oh, well. MAYBE LATER. If I don’t /procrastinate/ … or fall asleep, lol. >-> I’ll update later? Maybe.


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