// argh, injuries ;;

well. During my absence (more like omega-withdrawals) from the computer, I had a few minor injuries. … Well, a lot of people might not call it minor, lol. @_@ But it is! My sister had something sharp in her hand, and kinda poked at my ear, in which it slipped into my ear and jabbed a nerve that caused me to lose hearing for a few hours. So after that, I was sitting downstairs with my parents, watching TV… and my ear starts to bleed?

Well, that’s not the greatest news in the world to be hearing, haha… Yes, the inside of my ear bled, not the outer where you get piercings on your ears and such. @_@ But after my bleeding went away, I could hear again, which was a miracle, because I was beginning to get really scared of not being able to hear out of one ear. But the day after, I lost hearing on and off, but now I can hear permanently, I guess you can call it.

But now.. my mommy checks my ear again and there’s a scratch, or a small hole inside my ear that is covered with dry blood, which is a good thing, since it won’t bleed again, but now… when  I gulp or hiccup and such, that nerve keeps getting hit and it sends a pain through my ear (kind of below your earlobe) and it’s probably a damaged nerve, but I think I’ll recover soon (hopefully sooner than I’m recovering from SICKLINESS).

Other than that, I only did one set of graphics… *Sigh* I also got some advice on my previous signature, so I’ll probably work on taking that advice to improve myself.

Oh… and this really awesome Nagisa wallpaper. <3

Nagisa Wallpaper in action? <3


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