// where? ;;

*Sigh* I’m in an extremely bad mood, I guess it’s like those times where your mood shifts for no reason. But I guess I do have a reason… I miss him. A lot. But maybe it’s my fault… for a lot of things. Why is it that I can’t do anything right… And when I try to hold onto something, I end up making it worse?

I watched 5 Centimeters Per Second last night, it’s a wonderful, wonderful movie. It’s about two people who become close after they transfer to the same school, but eventually move apart in distances after they’re both forced to transfer further away from each other. “Time” is a big theme of the movie, and “hope” also. I was choking on tears after about 10 minutes into the movie, and by the end, I was crying so much. ;A; I guess I’m just into the sad drama/romance movies. ^^;

Anyway, I’m kind of sad… But…

Oh, Onii-sama sent me an email today. He’s doing alright, at least. Yuri-chan~ if you read this, please come on MSN soon, he wanted me to tell you something. ^^; But I’m really glad he’s okay.

I guess there’s nothing else worth mentioning… so maybe I’ll post before bed.

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