// oh, sorry ;;

Whoa, I forgot I hadn’t posted in a while! Actually, on Thursday and Friday, I was training for orientation day, to help the new 7th and 8th graders coming to the school. I think we pick up our schedules during that time too. We get them earlier than the other people. ;D Kinda makes me anxious, but also not. This summer was very, very, very unexpected, which was what I wanted! I thought my summer would be EXTREMELY boring. Quite the opposite.

I go to school for actual orientation day tomorrow, so I’m hoping everything will be alright. Well, I got to talk to Razor last night on the phone, which made me soo~happy. <333333~ I went to bed at 2am and woke up at least twice, waking up at 6am, so I didn’t get much more than 3 hours of rest. Ugh, and I wake up at 6am tomorrow too. Oh, well.

Tomorrow’s Monday. I have school in about 8 days… Wow. I’m a little scared. I still don’t know my /entire/ way around the school, so.. @_@ Ah, anyway, I bought glowsticks and masks for my orientation group, haha. They get the strangest 8th grade leader ever.

Well, tonight hasn’t been the greatest night.. eh..


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