// kinda tired … ;;

Agh.. today was really long.. The actual orientation day was today, and it was frustrating trying to get people in order. Honestly, if that’s how people are behaving nowadays, they’d better not get on my last nerve. ^^; I’ve had a lot to deal with for the time being, but hopefully it’ll all calm down. School starts in about.. a week, so I’m not very excited, if this is how tired I’ll be. Then again, that was from 6am to 1pm. This will be 8am to 2:30pm. ;D

I got my class schedule today. I’m wondering how everything will go, since I don’t know these teachers… Ah, oh well. Maybe I can be friends with them. ;A;

First Period: Physical Science (… my worst subject, the minute school starts? Agh…)

Second Period: Geometry (Hah, same teacher from Algebra! He was awesome.)

Third Period: Conversational French (This is varying right now, since I applied to be office assistant during this period.)

Fourth Period: Health and P.E. (Who is this P.E. teacher? I never even heard of… I’m not a fan of P.E. right now. My health is just bad.)

Fifth Period: Honors Social Studies (.. Enough said. ._.)

Sixth Period: Honors English (… moar books? *Grumbles*)

We take science state tests this year, so I’m a little worried. I’ve /never/ been good with science at all, and.. last year.. DID WE EVEN LEARN ANYTHING IN SCIENCE? Pulling out grass and dissecting squid, then making into calamari is not the best science in the world. This is a first I’ll actually say I wish I learned more in science. I’m hoping, HOPING to pass the state test. It’s 8 months away though! Psh.

I’m also a little worried about P.E.. I don’t want to lose points of course, but I also don’t know if my body will be able to handle the majority of the outdoor activities (track, crosscountry loops, etc…) but I also don’t want to look like I’m pulling excuses out for 183 days. We’re likely not going to be doing these activities all year-round, but I’m just kind of scared. I guess I can try pushing myself again, but I didn’t like how it went last year..

The rest of my classes are alright, I’m a little iffy on social studies and english, since I know they were pretty hard last year. Well, social studies was a challenge. English was good, despite that being my first novel. Cheers? I finished the book before 90% of the class, haha.

School will be.. kinda boring, is my feeling. I’m actually anxious for high school, odd. But if I look at it this way, I was scared to death on the first day of 7th grade, and am still pretty scared to this day. I guess I don’t fit in with a lot of the curriculum, or just not in with a lot of people, so I’m usually alone.. The more I feel alone, the more I isolate myself from other people, which usually make my days pretty bad until I get home.

The people online are the closest people to me, but sometimes they can’t help me with everything because I know they face trouble of their own too. I’m still pretty attached to my parents, and have a hard time being away from them, unless it’s with my close friends, or family members, etc. ^^; I’m just hoping this year will be alright.


Actually, I forgot to mention, I GOT A MICROPHONE. A MICROPHONEEEEEE~ I’ll show you something small of what I recorded that actually sounded half-decent. Yes, I am the louder voice in the back of Makino’s voice.

Maybe I’ll test something with some karaoke later. =D

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