// it’s not wonderful ;;

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I’ve had a lot to go through with LSS, and I guess at the moment, everything is in a jumble without the admin’s attention. Laturi has done a lot to pay for LSS, and right now… it’s like dropping a piece of paper into water. After a while, it sinks.. and when you pick it back up.. it tears apart so easily.

Where I’m trying to go with this strange comparison is that LSS is slowly sinking.. and eventually.. it’ll come apart, if nothing is done about what is now happening. But what is happening? Nobody seems to know for sure, odd. Well, there seem to be a few flames here and there, spamming posts, “short” and “no-quality” posts are being made, off-topic posts as well. =\

In other news, I’ve been really tired lately. School starts next Tuesday, so I’m a little upset about how summer has flown by. I guess I should learn to cherish off-school time, hahaha. I am very happy for everything that’s happened this summer though. But so fast, it’s ending. All those X’s on my calendar.. And even 2009 is almost ending! Sheesh. @_@


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