// it’s time to go! ;;

Oh, my. School started just yesterday and I don’t know how great it is. I mean, it’s fine, yes, but I just feel like everything is going by too fast… or rather, I don’t have time to cherish anything with the few friends I have at school. But I miss being online. I think of all my online friends (And Razor <3), and I just get kind of sad.

I’ve been in a happy mood when I got to talk to Razor on the phone again though. <3 It made me super-super-super happy. <333~

But anyway, school. 9 months until middle school is done, that makes me kind of nervous. I haven’t planned anything for the future… /sigh. I’m stepping forward, but slowly. I don’t have anything in mind. I’m completely blind, but I’m still going. 9 months seems pretty close. But I guess after high school is done, I’m kind of… free. In a sense. Sure, there’ll be work and stuff to get to college, but I have other plans before then. 4 years… (and hopefully no more than 4 years in high school.)

Heh, I think they’re going easy on us now. I guarantee I’ll have homework in every single class by next week. =\ I’ve been kind of tired.. It’ll take a while to get used to, I guess. Meeeeeeh. ;_______;

Oh, I also got my picture taken today. I look so weird~ ;_; Darn school ID.


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