// blargh ;;

Agh, as I had hoped to get some extra sleep today, I manage to get around 10 hours… and I get sleepy 3 hours later!? I woke up around 10am, and I start getting tired around 1pm… This does not make for a very happy HikaBOT..

My body has been feeling rather sore too. Both of my legs, the sides of my stomach and my arms feel a little sore, so it gets kind of painful to walk. I wondered if it was because I over-exerted myself yesterday, or because of the position I slept in. I’m honestly not too positive, but I just hope the pain goes away.

I finally got my external back and it breaks out of its case! Wonderful. It still works, because I finally got it back into the case and I taped the cover on so it hopefully will not fall out. Because I won’t be very happy if it does. Anyway, I was extremely happy to have my external back (and working), and I had to do one set (avatar + signature), three signatures, a banner and an MSN scene for requests.. And then I did two sets… And now I’m really lazy, haha.

I’m pretty tired, so I think I’ll go to bed soon. I also miss my love, but I believe he’s alright since he was on today, though not on MSN~


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