// 4 of 180 ;;

Approximately, we have 180 days of school. Of course, that changes accordingly depending on half-days, or snow days, etc. But it’s usually 180. I’m kind of amazed that we’re about 7.2% (… This can’t be right..) done of school. I guess everything just really flies by now. Like I once told Razor, I never did imagine to get this far in life, I never planned it to happen this far, and now…

Here I am, unplanned and still walking a straight path. Elementary school, I kinda thought that 6th grade was the last of it, and then I’d be free! But to do what? First of all, I was wrong on both terms. 6th grade was… not the last of it, nor was I really free yet, haha~ But it was cute back then! <3

Little did I know that there was more to what was the future. I have honestly not thought about a career, because I didn’t think it was necessary quite yet. Thinking ahead gets you somewhere, but I’m just a bit blinded by the shock that the future is really unexpected and hard to control.

I know that first of all, I should probably finish middle school before thinking about it at all. And secondly, I’m almost positive high school will be a little more tedious. I just hope that the teachers prepare us well enough for high school. I’m a bit intimidated. I don’t have many friends at school, so I’m always hoping someone can be there at the beginning of it all… I’m not sure if Usagi is coming to the same high school.

/sigh. But I shouldn’t think so far ahead! I’m still little. Yes? Yes. Anyway, today was pretty tiring. I don’t wanna go to school tomorrow. P.E. is yuck. Especially if we have to go out into the sun. That just makes for headaches and stuff. But oh well, it’s mandatory for a looooong while. ;_;

In other news… /falls asleep


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