// a new week ;;

Well, I’m not exactly … happy that it’s Monday again, but I’ll live. Last night was a little complicated, I got a bit upset, but it’s something I have to deal with. I’ll hopefully get it resolved, but I just hope it doesn’t end up the same way it did last time. It’s a little painful and stressful. And I don’t want us to go down the same path we did last time. We only barely made it out…

Anyway, because of that, I kinda went to bed a little late, but I felt rather fine when I woke up this morning. I was really, really tired by the time we finished P.E., plus I was a little hungry~ We got our algebra geometry books today, and our first homework assignment! That I finished already. /shot. Nothing else really happened, we showed our powerpoints to the class, it was really funny.

I make things humorous, cheers. But everyone’s was really great. In English (really, is she the only teacher that gives homework on the second day of school and daily?) we did a new assignment about ourselves… I guess it’s not terribly bad homework, but I’d rather it be done in class, but people just don’t have wonderful attention spans by 6th period. ;_;

I did finish about half of it in class, but it’s basically a draft about ourselves. 9 topics, and we kind of fit it all onto a “brochure”-type format. It’s pretty easy though. I’m at home now, a little tired, and I miss my love. But I hope he’s doing okay. School seems to be a bit tough on him… >-< But he’s strong! So I know he can do it. It’d be nice if I could call him to check up on him…~ But I wonder if he’d pick up.

Anyway, until my next rant~ <3


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