// another tuesday ;;

Ah, it’s Tuesday again, or rather, almost over. This means, the half-way point of the week is almost here again, Wednesday. Time’s a little speedy, isn’t it? Knowing that it’s basically 1 1/2 weeks of school is already blown out of the way, and that it’s… already half-way through the month of September. /sigh.

But anyway, school was okay… Some homework in Science… More homework in Geometry, homework in Social Studies, and English.

Science is basically decorating your science journal, I already finished Geometry, and Social Studies… and English. I am no nerd, darn it. One of my classmates called me a nerd. ;_; But anyway, the day was really warm… Agh… I hate going outside for P.E. when it’s warm… We were playing kickball today!

On our first game… I didn’t make it to first base. Second time, I got out when heading for home. ;A; And then we ran a “modified crosscountry loop”, which still killed me. Anyway, that was fourth period.

But I’m kind of tired now… and I miss my love~ Ponder, ponder~


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