// is it really wednesday? ;;

Aaaaaahhhhhh, it doesn’t feel like Wednesday… Maybe Thursday. But anyway, I woke up around 3am or so, and I guess I fell asleep pretty early since I got a text at 10:52pm. Well, I was a little tired last night, since I stayed in bed for an extra 24 minutes… And got up at 7:09am. I guess I’m a little down.

In science, we did some kind of exploding experiment.. corrected homework in Geometry (I got a 44/48 ~91%) and we got assigned more homework that I finished at school. I was in thought during class. We did some activities in French (including an earthquake drill). In P.E., we ran a track lap and then played Capture the Flag… I pulled a muscle in my leg and I was kinda in thought a lot of the time.

Someone asked if I was okay, so I said I was. It was just a little thought, so.. But anyway, then we had social studies where we did a lot of reading… and I was in thought then too. /sigh. Same with English, but I got my work done.. And I was in thought on the bus. I guess it’s been a pretty dull day. Hard to get out of thought.

I have a 3 to 5 paragraph, 1 to 2 page, double-spaced, 12-sized font essay for social studies.. So far, I’m on my 3rd paragraph and I’m cheating by doing a 1.7-line spaced page? Sure. I was not going to be able to fit 3 paragraphs on two pages anyhow. I’m so lame! ^^; But otherwise, I’m ahead in English and Geometry, I guess.

/sigh… I miss my love~


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