// headaches ;;

Today was a pain. I mean, the day itself was half-decent (yes, 50% of decent), but I don’t know, I was so tired. A lot of things happened, well, not a lot of things, but it’s Friday. Everyone’s anxious to get into the weekend and stuff… Meh.

Well, when I got to school, I found my friend Missy, and just walked with her in the halls. We were talking about how she didn’t have her school ID and if she could check out a book, and I said to ask the librarian, and guess who was right behind us? o_o But the teacher said she was allowed to, so that was good. I also found a book that caught my eye for once…

In science, it was nothing unusual. I was reading the book I checked out (Hikari, reading a book? Yes.) and then we did an activity similar to tag… Got homework.. But I finished it already. Ehehe..

Geometry… We corrected our homework and I got 34/35 (I believe that’s ~96%) so it was good. We got more homework, and oh my gosh, word problems fail me. So hard. DX But I’m done except for four of them…

French, I totally forgot what we did. Oh! Right, I worked on homework. lol. Anyway, we went to the computer lab later on to look up French terms… and listen and whatnot. I got tired of learning words I already knew, so I worked on some other stuff.

Then rushing off to P.E., despite being a minute from the lab, we did kickball, and people choose not to participate, it angers me. I run across half the field for the ball when there are people just standing there. ;_; Oh, well. Because pulling a muscle in your leg means you should still run. Speaking of which, we ran a track lap before getting into the locker rooms again. Joy is the 80 degree weather.

Lunch… I ate my sushi (Heh, people were jealous, some weren’t) and then kinda sang to myself and did some homework. A teacher walked by and said I should relax more. ^^; I don’t mind it, really, but I guess overworking myself causes some health issues… Anyway, then I looked over my anime magazines, despite its oldness, heh. And then I sang Rena’s character song. ;D?

Social studies… We did the rest of our reading packet for some history stuff and a map sheet, but then I kinda read most of the time and talked to Missy and one other who likes CLANNAD and can’t stop singing Dango Daikazoku. It is a cute song though. Nothing much happened here, but it gets pretty humid…

Er, English… We basically went to the library to listen to the librarian’s short rant, but it was alright. It was pretty cold in the library and I pretty much talked to Missy most of the time, as well as Alison. Then we read when we got back to the class.

The bus ride was meh, I was pretty tired when I got on. I nearly fell asleep, since the ride is kind of soothing (except for those kids in the back), but then again, I can easily fall asleep anywhere, hehe. ^^; The walk home was really warm, and I was so tired, but I made it home.

Though I have an intense headache now… And I still miss my love… *Sighs* But we did kind of text last night, so that was really nice~


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