// this new week ;;

AHHHHHHHHH. It’s the end of the weekend already. I’m sad. Anyway, I look forward (and then not so forward) to some things this week, but I’ll discuss my day beforehand. I’m a little tired still, this whole school schedule messes me up, as well as my big problem… but I’ll be alright. I am a strong android!

I went to church and amazingly didn’t fall asleep today. I was thinking a lot… I guess it was a small fantasy of mine again. But it felt so real! I guess that’s what makes it hurt a little more. But again, I didn’t fall asleep, despite feeling really tired when I woke up. Cheers.

We were out for 7 hours of the day, we went to eat at a restaurant, and then to the supermarket and I did a lot of running for mommy. We later went to look for a dress for her because we are going to a wedding-party thing this Saturday… She couldn’t find anything she liked though. I’m planning to wear a white dress I’ve had since last April since I only wore it for that one occasion which was my reconcilation…

My sister and cousin were a little irritating today, I got an intense headache… But oh well, kids will be kids! :3 But yeeah, we were out from 8am to 3pm. I’m tired now, haha. Ahhhhh, I’m really tired. But I’ll stay up since I don’t want to ruin my sleep schedule now.. Actually, I think I did ruin it with this weekend. I fell asleep at 1am on Friday night and then 12:30am Saturday night. >->

Some things I’m looking forward to…

– No school Friday (9/25)
– Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (9/29)
– Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 23 & 24 (10/27)

Things I’m not looking forward to…

– Geometry Quiz (9/21)
– Wedding-Party Thing (9/26)


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