// … what day is it? ;;

As usual, I fell asleep around 12:30am or so, hoping to wake up at 6am. Well, that didn’t work. I did wake up at 6am, but Laturi seemed to have been away, so I decided to go back to sleep. I wake up a little late, 7:09am, so I rush from… my bed to brush my teeth, then back to my room to change, then ran to the computer to get pictures…

… for English class… And then I checked my email really quick, and grabbed my glasses, binder and P.E. clothes and rushed downstairs to brush my hair… ran back upstairs to get my socks… ran back down to get a toaster strudel into the toaster. Ran to tie my hair… Put on my boots… grabbed the strudel, ran back upstairs to grab my book, and my phone, back downstairs, and out the door.

I didn’t realize I forgot my water bottle though. So I was thirsty. ;-; I usually consume a bottle of water by the end of lunch, and that didn’t happen today, lol.

Anyway, science, we got hot chocolate, cheeeeeeeeeers. Geometry, we got a quiz, meeeeeeh~ French, we got… to write a lot. ;_; P.E., we got to jump over hurdles! Social studies, we got to read. English, we got to go on computerssssssss.

I went onto LSS while I was on the computer, to answer a few questions. ;D It wasn’t getting as out of hand as I was told it was, which was very good. I thought people had started to flame my inbox or something…

Anyway, so as Razor was giving me heads-ups on what was happening, I was running from one end of the school to the other (because the computer lab and my locker are at the opposite ends, darn it.) to grab my stuff, ran quickly to my locker (which is at the front of the school, darn it! DX) and sat at the first seat. I really wanted to get home.

So as we’re on the bus… every. single. light. was. red. >-> Anyway, I get home, I ruuuuuuun really fast to the crosswalk (are those what they’re called?), press the button a lot (>-<) and began to run as soon as it said I could walk. But… there is a slight slope from there to where I live. So it was like dragging myself uphill! Eventually I got myself home. And then hugged my grandma and ran upstairs. ;A;

Well, it turns out everything ended okay. And now I’m a little bored. Also, I have a slight headache again, but oh well. Today was very interesting. :3

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