// heeeeeeat ;;

Agh, I have to go to bed soon, so let’s make this post a little shorter than normal. I slept in for an extra half hour or so, so I was pretty much rushing to get ready again…

Not  a lot happened, I was ahead on a lot of assignments, etc, etc… I got my state test scores, passed all three portions: reading, writing and math. Well, it was fun (no, not really…), but I’m not looking forward to the test this year because it includes science. … not my favorite subject…

Moving on, I finished a lot of projects due on Thursday, so I’m gonna be a little free tomorrow, in some classes. ;_; But other than that, not much happened, except I received a picture message from my love~ Though it wasn’t a picture of him, aww.

Maybe next time. X3 So I’m tired, warm, it’s autumn and the heating is increasing, I just love the conspiracy. ;_; At least we didn’t have to run today…


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