// oh, bored ;;

Ah, today… I got myself up at 6:30, which was actually hard because I was up until about 12:30am. I had no homework most of the day, basically, so it was a little boring… I guess I shouldn’t complain, that’s the downside to doing homework early in the first place. ;_;

Well, see… In Science, we had to write a lab conclusion. I did about 3 to 4 paragraphs and finished before everyone… I sat around and read my book for a bit. In geometry, I already finished my homework the night before (including homework assigned just today), so I was ahead on that… I was so bored… But the teacher wouldn’t give me tomorrow’s homework because he didn’t plan it yet. =D;

In French, I finished before everyone in counting to 100 in French, and then we played Bingo, and I got one! Hehe~ P.E…. I’m not even going to go into that. ;_; Um.. Social studies was a bit boring. And English, I was already done so I was just on the internet.

Anyway, when I got home, I was really tired.. Mommy went to the doctor today, it seems. Ah, reminds me… Today at lunch, a teacher that I met in 7th grade came by and said I was going to die at an early age. Pretty random, but she said I was overworking my mind too much! Because everytime she came by, I was always working on homework, and carried my binder, geometry textbook, geometry journal, and my pencil pouch with me everywhere I went, so I was always carrying a lot of things.

She said I needed better hobbies too. Apparently anime no longer counts as a hobby. But I guess that’s it… I’m a bit tired…~


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