// ahhhh… ;;

I still have no more titles for my post, unfortunately. But anyway, I’m kind of tired today… Ahh.. I’m also slightly hungry, haha, but strangely I don’t get hungry until I get home from school.

Lalala, let’s see… I woke up around 5:30 this morning, it was a little… “Five more minutes… *Sleep*”-type thing because apparently, my daddy was going to work and I could hear him starting up his car (my bed is near the window where the cars are, but my room is on the second story), and I thought I was being forced to get up, haha.

My alarm rung at 6:30 (tokashitsukushite…) but I hit snooze, and it rung five minutes later. As I hit “dismiss”, it stops and… I go back to sleep. Mommy woke me up around 7:03am though, so I wasn’t too late~ Umm.. Hm..

As I got ready, I decided to wear jeans for once. ;_; Jeans are so uncomfortable though… But, oh well. It turns out we had an assembly today anyway. Let’s see… I rushed on out of the house with a toaster strudel as mommy drove to school, and I listened to a bit of music before actually getting to school.

We did a quiz for science today, and then got new homework for geometry. I got an 11/14 (C+) on the previous geometry test from three days back, and I now have a B in Geometry. Extra credittt… We didn’t do much in French, nor social studies. And in P.E., we ran 300 meters. The way the teacher did it was she had everyone in groups of threes, and dismissed them to start running…

I got first out of the three by barely and had to catch my breath by the time I hit the finish line. ;_; But then it was lunch time and I put everything into my locker (for once) because we didn’t need them during 6th. I was looking for the new girl that joined the anime club and was new to the school, but she didn’t seem to be at school today.

She was grateful for my help yesterday because she had her lunch in her locker, but couldn’t get her locker opened so I helped her! I hope to try and get her more active into the club and around other people either since she seems a bit shy and timid. Kind of like me at times, hehe~

Anyway, I consumed two bottles of water during lunch, and was rather bored because I left everything in my locker. We went to 6th after and spent some time in there doing our brochures. My friend was crying because she had lost some stuff on her brochure about 10 minutes before it was due after the computer had crashed.

I hugged her and gave her some candy to cheer her up and it seemed to have helped~ The teacher let her work on it during the weekend, so I’m glad she’ll be alright. The assembly was pretty boring overall though… And the rest of the day was just spending time on the computer.

When I got home, I was kind of tired and made some food to eat~ And here I am now! :3

There’s no school tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get some things done.


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