// yawnnn~ ;;

Jeez, I guess I was a bit tired today because I fell asleep on the ride to and from the reception. When we got there, I took a few pictures and such, the place was pretty nice, but the food wasn’t wonderful. We took a picture with the bride and groom before heading towards a table to sit at though.

Um, they introduced the bride and groom’s family and then the bride and groom themselves (cue the party poppers and silly string), and then there were people singing songs as everyone was eating. I don’t remember every meal we ate, but I do know my tummy was hurting~ >-< Either I consumed too much food or my tummy was just reacting strangely.

Either way, it was alright, we stayed until around 11pm or so, and then my mommy and daddy had gotten into a fight on the way home. I was texting Razor most of the time, and then resting between texts because I had a bad headache. I eventually got home (we got lost twice and then there was traffic at 11:42pm…) and logged on for a bit while I was sending a letter/PM.




To my amazement, it was actually too big for me.  The straps around my shoulders kept falling. I don’t remember if this happened the last time I wore it, but… Well, it goes back into my closet now. :3

But no, no pictures of me, sorry. >->


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