// Ahh… ;;

Today was okay! For the most part. I’m having a little trouble keeping up with deadlines now, haha.

Science – (8:00 – 8:55) Substitute teacher. Watched a movie. Answered 5 questions

  • What is the question they’re trying to figure out?
  • What was their hypothesis?
  • Draw a labeled diagram of their experiment.
  • Write a detailed procedure on how they did it.
  • Write a conclusion.

This only took forever, because 8th graders seem to like to talk during instructions and then the teacher gets mad at them, repeat.

Geometry – (9:00 – 9:55) Ahh, we started to use compasses, and we went back to basic area, perimeter, circumference, conversion. Stuff like that. Chapter 1 test is on Thursday, it seems.

French – (10:00 – 10:55) VOILA. Yeahno. Well, we were reading French books to find cognate words, the requirement was 30. I did 130, and am getting 20 extra credit points for it, hehe~ ^-^ I also texted Razor during this time.

P.E. – (11:00 – 11:55) Ahhhhhhhhhh, we ran the mile~~~ ;-; It was so painful… ;-; I got 12 minutes, 45 seconds, but I would have ran more if  I wasn’t so dizzy everytime I tried to push myself too hard. But I did get teacher support shouting my name and rooting for me… even if I wasn’t in their class. But after, I talked to the girl was new to the school and had joined the anime club~ I hope to make her less timid around people, because I am friendly! I only bite on occasions, okay? ;-;

Lunch – (12:00 – 12:30) Ahhh, I was sitting with a few of my friends and we basically danced to Love & Joy. They’re amazed at the fact that I can consume so little and be okay during the rest of the day, haha. I don’t eat a lot unless it’s sweets… No, I do eat, I just don’t like eating during lunch for some reason. Force of habit, I guess?

Social Studies – (12:35 – 1:30) We didn’t do much, just overviewed our week and got back into triangle trade stations to do the rest of it. It was pretty boring~

English – (1:35 – 2:30) We got folders to keep everything in, and then we turned in our final personal brochure. I think it’s pretty cute, I’ll take pictures if I get it back. But anyway, we started to do a fake WASL (Washington Assessment of Student Learning) on writing to give us an overview of persuasive and e.. ex.. I forget the other one.. Expository? Well, anyway, I got to my 4th paragraph on first draft after prewrite. But I hear they plan to change the name of WASL. I liked it like that though~~ ;-;

Bus Ride – (2:33 – 2:50) I was talking to my friend Jessica, and we just talked about how our year went so far~ I do think she overheard me talking about my boyfriend though… So she asked me a few questions about him~ <3 But I had to eventually get off and I was rather tired~ Heavy backpack is heavy!

Home – Hm, I wandered the fridge and walked upstairs, where it was getting rather “ugh” on LSS. I could tell VK was losing patience… but nothing can seem to be done about this thread. Maybe it’ll end soon? Who knows…

But I miss my boyfriend, hehe~ <3 I hope I’ll get a call from him soon~

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