// advisory week ;;

[ This post contains pictures. ]

Lessee~ Today was “Twin Day”, but I didn’t have a twin, hehe~ Oh well! Well, first of all, I got a phone call this morning around 2:30 from my boyfriend. Though he didn’t respond at all.. So I wonder if he was listening to what I was saying. But here and there, I thought he was asleep and ended up calling me on accident like Shelly once did.

Science – (8:00 – 8:50) We redid our conclusion, so class was pretty boring… I was a little tired, but I finished it so I didn’t have to do that for homework. I made a few paper cranes the rest of the time.

Geometry – (8:55 – 9:45) We got more homework and we learned about some strange radical thing… I didn’t really understand it though! ;-; It was really hard~ But I hope I can ask questions tomorrow for homework~ >-<

French – (9:50 – 10:20 / 10:20 – 11:10) The first part is advisory, which is like homeroom. Homeroom during 3rd period, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Anyway, this was kind of boring too, since we had a lockdown drill, and then an evacuation out to the field where it was raining~ I think I texted Razor once or twice during French~ After that, we got homework, and I finished both today’s and tomorrow’s. *Yawns*

P.E. – (11:15 – 12:10) We stayed inside today because of the rain! We played a game.. And did a lot of push-ups and curl-ups~ Someone threw a ball at my head, ahaha~ >-< It hurt! ;-;

Lunch – (12:10 – 12:40) This was  pretty boring too~ I was talking to my friends for a bit, but I got a little tired. Razor hadn’t texted me back, so I was a bit bored, haha~~ X3

Social Studies – (12:45 – 1:35) Umm.. We did some reading, and answering questions, and then did a “Case Studies” thing. Tomorrow, we’re doing more indentured servants stuff, and I think we’re doing a simulation.

English – (1:40 – 2:30) Er, we did the rest of our “WASL” assessment, because we were doing an expository piece. I finished the revising and final draft. Did geometry the rest of the period~

CLUB TIME! We talked, danced, I shared my figurines to show~ But I really missed my boyfriend… *Sighs* I was smiling and happy, but I was kind of lonely inside~ Anyway, I rode home with the club leader, and we were talking about anime and such~ She’s very kind! >w<

But I did some homework, requests, I got KH 358/2 Days! And folks, that’s Three-Five-Eight Days Over Two. So odd to pronounce! But I need to go try it. And off to bed with me! :3


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