// october~ ;;

Cheers! The first of October. Amazing. We made it through September without anyone completely going crazy, which is an improvement. September is memorable, but probably because of everything that’s happened that month, it’s just crazy. I think October might be a little more destructive, but that’s just an opinion of mine…

Anyway, I got a call from my boyfriend last night! I was really happy, hehe~ >w< I played KH for about half an hour or so, and I’m on day 13 of 358. Bwahaha, it’s so much fun! But anyway, school was alright.

Science ~ We did skateboarding to find the rate of every person. Hahaha, I hope I don’t have to go tomorrow. @_@ I’ve never been on a skateboard…

Geometry ~ We had our chapter 1 test today! I got a B. 21/25. I’m happy. I thought I would crash and burn on it, haha!~ I’m glad I did good! >w<

French ~ We’re counting to 100 in French, and we’re at 4:18, which is a big improvement, since we started with 7:45 on Monday. We kept improving by at least a minute.

P.E. ~ Ahh, we did discus today. We were actually talking a lot of the time and ran about 3/4 of a crosscountry loop. I was first to make it there! But I’m not in crosscountry, thankfully.

Social Studies ~ I tried not to get on my teacher’s bad side any more than I probably already am. She doesn’t seem to like me, but I think I’ll be alright. Ugh, we’re doing primary sources, and they’re so hard to read… ;-;

English ~ I don’t think I should mention this, but only because it was pretty boring~ I finished the assignment though, cheeeeeeers~~~

Lol, today, I was lazy, so I didn’t tie my hair up after P.E… Ah, everyone seems to notice me when I have my hair down.. ^^; They said I looked cute.. Haha, but I like my hair up more than down~ ;-;

I don’t think there’s much else to mention though!! :3 I’ll try to post tomorrow, since tomorrow is the stampede.

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