// oh, monday… ;;

Once more, it’s another Monday. I was so tired this morning, haha~~ I woke up around 6:30, but then I fell asleep until 7:16 or so. The day itself wasn’t too exciting, but by the end, I was crashing into sleepy-dom. ;-;

Science ~ We had a substitute teacher today, she told us that her name was the same as the lady in the Terminator, which I thought was pretty neat~ We did a worksheet which was pretty easy and just watched a video.

Geometry ~ It was one of our classmates’ birthday today, so we sang to wake us all up. Unfortunately, it was unaffective because we were all so montonous. Geometry is a bad class if you expect a class to sing. XDD But our teacher is cool~ He added the “cha-cha-cha”. I also had hiccups today… ;___;

French ~ We made a calendar for October (Octobre), and I almost didn’t want to raise my hand to tell her my birthday. >->; But I told her anyway, though I don’t know, being sung to in French is a bit embarrassing at times, especially if half the people pronounce it wrong, lol.

P.E. ~ Oh, P.E… Agh. We ran one lap that I was not prepared for, and I texted Razor around that time~ <33 Then we practiced the long jump, which was pretty easy, but I realize that I really dislike running across the football field. It’s so long. And not even the length! It was the width! Agh!

Social Studies ~ Well, here was our seminar. I only inputted a few things, but my friend beside me (to my left) kept raising her hand so high. @_@ I received a text from Shelly, and my friend (she was on my right) was reading it. It said “SENT.”, and my friend kinda knew that it meant my present. I didn’t know if I should’ve been happy and curious, or sad and curious. XDD

English ~ WASL testing, or the “fake assessment” was today, for our persuasive essay. Honestly, I fell asleep during this. I’m on my third (there are five total for mine) paragraph on my final draft, so I want to get it done tomorrow. No more WASL until Spring, pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

On my way home, I was singing on the bus, mainly to a few Higurashi songs, and namely “Nanodesu”… But I was pretty tired. I ended up running from my stop to my home, though by the time I reached home, I had a tremendous headache. I think I’m okay now, but today was really tiring. Maybe it was because it’s just Monday.

Five days… Ah…

Ah! But I figured out we’re celebrating it on the 18th because my daddy gets a day off that Sunday.

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