// what day is it again? ;;

Er… Well, I don’t have a calendar (or rather, I didn’t make myself an October one yet), so I’m kinda lost on the date. I keep looking to my left, but it’s still September. ;A; Oh, well, today was pretty tiring…

Science ~ Eh, pretty boring. I talked to a friend or two before class started out in the hall, but there wasn’t much to do.

Geometry ~ We did homework today. I finished it in class. *Yawns*

French ~ This class was pretty boring too… Nothing happened..

P.E. ~ Agh, my heart rate was 250, that’s not… normal. Or at least, not usually. I keep it around 230 everyday, but today we ran and ran and jumped… I’m so tired.. ;-;

Lunch ~ Lunch wasn’t eventful either, I just kind of sang to myself the whole time.

Social Studies ~ We had our seats switched, etc, etc, we did some worksheets and WE WERE FORCED TO PAY TEN CENTS PER PIECE OF PAPER SHE HANDED OUT. lol, I paid two dollars just for everyone. But it wasn’t real. Yes, I did get my money back. XDD But everyone was grateful. People said I was generous too. >->;

English ~ We did the rest of our assessment… I was so bored…

Club ~ It was kind of boring today. I was told that I was humble. But we kinda talked most of the time, mainly about Vocaloid.

We danced a lot too! Lalala love and joy kaete yuku…

Last night, I got to talk to Razor on the phone. I was sitting in the closet and we talked for about twenty minutes. It was really nice~ ^-^ I was really happy. I used my normal voice more than my deredere voice, so that was good!

*Giggles* But today was a little boring. 4 days…

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