// eeeeeh… ;;

I’m unfortunately lazy today. I woke up reeeeeeally early (not really…) this morning, around 6am to talk to Laturi and to watch some Kobato. He was busy though, so I tried to load my episode that I downloaded (and forgot about) last night, but it turns out it didn’t work. Argh. So I had to go stream it, and then put it on fullscreen. It ended around 7:09am, and I did get to talk to Laturi for a little bit.

School was same-old, same-old.

Science – I switched lab groups today and we did some activities. We won candy! But I gave it to my friend since it was her favorite candy. The rest of the period was boring, I didn’t have homework because I was able to get it done.

Geometry – Agh, the law of syllogism is so confusing. And like my teacher said, “the law of detachment is a big duh.” It was! XDD So I was able to figure out that one. Like…

If the book you read is a biography, then it is nonfiction.

You are reading a biography.

The book is nonfiction.

… Duh. =D

French – I don’t even re— Oh yeah! We read a story in French. Then translated it. I did it successfully! Then we had a quiz. I was drawing, because it was a little slow… *Sigh*

P.E. – We ran 4

x200, each person running 200 meters and swapping team members in and out. I drew a picture for you:

Click for full-size!

Click for full-size!

Social Studies – Well, I have a friend who’s struggling a bit on it… ;-; I hope she’ll be alright. But I think I’m doing decent. I have an A- in the class, so I’m kind happy. Totally bombed the pop quiz! Cheers! :3

English – Kind of boring… We didn’t do very much…

I finished all the homework I was intended to have. Science, Geometry, and Social Studies. Cheeeeers! Good luck on my quiz tomorrow. I have one in geometry, I believe.

Ah! I also failed a contest deadline. Maybe I’ll end up putting my contest entries on this blog, who knows… @_@

Oh, and… I love my boyfriend. <3 Enough said~ <3

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