// weekend! more extension ;;

Well, it’s the weekend once more. I don’t know how excited I am about Saturday SINCE I MIGHT BE LEFT ALONE. My mommy and sister plan to go out that night, probably for an hour or so. ;-; Oh well, I’ll live. XDD I hope everything goes well.

Science ~ We had a quiz! Whoo!

Geometry ~ Another quiz! Whoo! Homework, we had. I finished it in class. And had 10 minutes of free time.

French ~ Ick. I didn’t like it too much. So many students who are disobedient… But we had a quiz.

P.E. ~ We had two track teams per class; olympic and college. I had olympic. AND I WAS LEADER? WHAT? DX

Lunch ~ I have a friend in 7th grade whose birthday was coming up, so we made her a poster for her locker. I also gave another 7th grade friend some candy that I received in science.

Social studies ~ Well, we had a letter thing we were doing. Everyone finished it, so we were basically talking the rest of the time. Agh, I had a happy birthday sang to me. I was so red. >-< “You’re all so monotonous!! ;_____;” I know everyone in the class from 7th grade, so we were all laughing.

One of my classmates was crying also, so I tried to comfort her the best I could… And I decided to cheer her up with some gum and a big hug. She felt better, so I was glad. Even if we never got to take time to become friends, I’m just glad I could have helped some as a classmate.

English ~ Lol. People started singing happy birthday. But this time was pretty nice, besides getting a headache by the end.

The day was nice. We don’t have school tomorrow. I guess I’ll sleep a little while and ponder over the thought of turning 14~ oh! I made friends with another 7th grader as I was getting off the bus. She originally lived in Oregon, she told me, and as we were crossing the street, we just talked a little bit.

I don’t have any homework for this extended weekend either~ Cheers! ^^

<3333~ I also hope his problem will be okay. I fear it’ll be a little hard… Ganbatte, my love!! I know it’ll come out okay! Just don’t give up hope!

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