// party ;;

Well, we had our buffet (buff-et, not buff-ay. Sorry, I just like saying buff-et.) party, and 4 of my 6 friends came. The other two caught swine flu, and I really, really, really hope they’ll be okay. >-<

Anyway, so Brenna arrived, and we talked a little while. Cherie arrives and we follow her around while she’s getting food. Then Kendra arrives and of course, she kinda stands out. Orange hair, red sweatshirt. Anyway, later, Kio comes (really late) and then it becomes a party. We kinda got cake over everyone.  But it was nice.

Then we threw soap (yes.) at one another. I really, really, really wanted to help clean, but they told me no. ;-; But the presents I got from my friends were really sweet. Even if I didn’t want presents. >-<

— 2 volumes of Shakugan no Shana (manga) from aunty (blood-related)~
— $50 from grandma and grandpa
— $40 from daddy
— $40 from uncle (blood-related)
— Spending money for Sakura-Con in April from uncle
— A prinnie (Disgaea) cellphone holder, a Tsubasa Chronicles Sakura-hime Plush/doll, a drawing, a cellphone wiper keychain, a Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu keychain and a card from Cherie
— $20 from Kio (I gave it back to him ninja-like)
— My Japanese Coach, a drawing, an origami heart, two origami stars and a strawberry candy bar from Shelly
— A lovely birthday graphic banner from Razor~ <3
— A happy birthday video from Sakura~
— Many happy birthdays from everyone~

Everyone was very thoughtful and kind, so I am very glad to have turned 14~ I made my wish when I blew out my 14 candles in one blow, so I'm hoping it will come true one day. Plus, I'm another year closer. Here's to hoping that I'll have a successful year being 14~

But everyone was so kind, so I'm very happy. It was a lot of fun, I ended up hurting my throat laughing a lot! <3 Thank you to everyone~


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