// ugh… ;;

My day was slightly decent, you could say. Meh.

AGH. before school started, I was looking for my friend. I could not find her until I stayed in one classroom and waited!

I walked to my locker, and to science class. Then I walked out down the hallway where I crossed through the middle and back up. Then I walked all the way around back down, out to where the band and orchestra room was. And I came back up and stayed in my old 7th grade social studies room because we usually meet there.

Science ~ We moved seats, and I now sit by three eighth graders who don’t. do. a. single. thing. right. Agh. They don’t listen to me either. *Facepalm* I should ask to move my seat, pleeeease…~ But lol, the teacher told me to work harder! I have a 101.37%. ;-;

Geometry ~ More postulates stuff, the homework was reeeeeally easy~ 6 – 25 and 39~ I finished it already! Due Wednesday~

French ~ It was boring… We did something over and over and over again at LEAST 20 times. I’m not overexaggerating either, lolol. We took a quiz, kind of. I don’t think it even counts as a quiz.

P.E. ~ We had to run a crosscountry (1/2 mile) loop and then another track loop (2/3 of a mile). Ahhh, I was really tired. I felt like I would throw up. And I er, met a bully. Yay. He was insulting me for being smart, lol. Not a very bright bully, I have to say… Well, I dunno, I’m an eighth grader too, so it’s kinda funny. Maybe he thinks I’m 7th grade. *Shrugs* I don’t know, but as long as he doesn’t get violent. But I should tell someone, like Razor told me… But Razor also sent me an IM around this time.

Lunch ~ I complained to my friend about her overly-large present. Yes. It was so cold… >-<

Social Studies ~ We read, we wrote. I was discussing CLANNAD with one of my friends and they dared me to do the fast part of Toki wo Kizamu Uta without breathing once.

Yeah, I wasn’t allowed to breathe midway. So it was nearly impossible, but I did it! Anyway, I think that was about it.

English ~ Weeeee… did a quizzz.. Aahh.. I have a project due next Friday, which is also a birthday of someone~ :3

Um, not a lot of anything else really happened though. D=

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