// my throat… ;;

My throat is really, really, really sore. I can’t raise my voice a lot, and I can’t sing too long either. It’s kinda painful, but… I hope it’ll be alright by tomorrow or hopefully sometime /soon/.

Ah, Science. How I love the off-task 8th graders. I was doing my work and trying to get the other people on task too. Yesterday, the teacher told me I had a lot of good leadership and courage to be able to say that I was fed up with the people not doing their fair share of work. Apparently, I had no influence on them.

So today, she said that as a group, we would get detention for not doing our work. I wanted to cry! I never got detention before. This was horrible. After class, the teacher talked to me and I really did want to cry, but she told me not to worry. So I was glad.

Geometry… The homework is painfully hard. I got it finished, not sure if it’s right or wrong though. I will fail this test, I almost 100% guarantee.

French… It was boring, that’s all I can say.

I went to the library during lunch to finish homework. I ended up finishing early, so I read Shakugan no Shana.

Social Studies… We have a test Tuesday. Ahhh. ;_;

English… We started a book, whoo! =D;

On the bus, a couple of kids were questioning my Japanese singing. I ignored them, and continued to sing (note, this was a KOTOKO song.) They made fun of me, but oh well. I like to sing in Japanese, so that’s the way it is. :3

I’m really tired by this hour, but I think I accomplished a few things. I just need to get my contest entry in before Saturday. =D


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