// saturday again?

Searing. Pain.

By the way, I added my twitter at the bottom of the page. (lol, yay?) Feel free to follow me and my randomness throughout the day. ;D

I fell asleep around 12am this morning, my throat feeling kinda bad. I was texting a friend and I didn’t even know what I was typing anymore (though it still made sense from what I checked this morning). But I fell asleep (I didn’t remember falling asleep though) and I woke up around 5 or 6 this morning. Apparently, my sister was talking to me last night and she said I did respond to her. I didn’t remember responding. Weird.

But my throat was in so much pain, I wanted to claw at my neck (Higurashi, much?). I went back to sleep, realizing that I had trouble breathing as I did. I woke up around 8 or 9, my throat is in more pain than you could imagine. I haven’t been able to sing lately, so I’m pretty sad. ;-;

But I told myself I shouldn’t talk. Well, guess what? I couldn’t talk even if I wanted! ;D Coughing is so horrible, it feels like there’s something stuck in my throat. I still have trouble breathing. I want this to go away. ;-;

I drank lemonade before I went to bed. Terrible idea.

I drank warm milk this morning. It was okay… for a few minutes.

I drank an herbal drink (uh, warm water and bean sprouts, gross.) according to grandma, it was supposed to help. … It hasn’t.

I took a shower, hoping I’d feel better. I nearly threw up. Ugh. I finished all my requests and contest entries. <3 And I’m a straight A student for now! =DDD So I printed it out before my grades drop, lol.

That was about it, though… I have some homework though.


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