// day off ;;

Waaaaaaaaah, I had to stay home today!? ;_; UNPOSSIBLE.

Ugh, I fell asleep around 2 or so, and woke up at 3:38 coughing to deeeeath. Mommy came in the room to comfort me a little so I could fall asleep. I woke up a few hours later and decided to watch TV. Well, grandma came over later that morning.

She gave me a bowl of soup with a lot of pepper. ;-; And then she rubbed ginger on my chest and my back. And then she gave me warm milk. And then a plate of pears. And then heating pads. And then cough drops. ALL LEADING UP TO THE BITTER DRINK THAT WE KNOW AS THERAFLU. ;_; She um, laughed at my face while I was drinking it. I hate, hate, hate, hate bitter! ;______;

As much as Shana does. <3 Anyway. I threw up a few hours later. Ate, threw up. I kept down a bowl of soup later though. And this cereal is going to ruin it for me. But I’m feeling alright enough to go to school tomorrow. I AM STRONG!! Yeah.

If you want to follow my Twitter, I’ll likely post about my horror during school tomorrow. Watch me regret going to school and I’ll probably be so tired by the time I get home.

But here goes nothing! So I hope tomorrow goes alright.


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