// agh…~ ;;

I’m not in a happy state now, probably because I’m so tired. The day itself was pretty.. half-decent, but I just feel so sleepy.. but.. I have a project to work on…

I don’t want to get too much into my day, because I’m lazy and tired. But we started a lab + conclusion in science, more homework in geometry, random stuff in French, the mile in P.E., preparation in social studies and reading in English.

The mile. Oh, yes, the mile. It’s… lovely. *Sigh* I hated it. I was coughing 97% of the time, and my throat was just in so much pain… My stomach also hurts when I cough, so I’m just kind of upset. I have a doctor’s appointment this Wednesday. >-<

Tonight is Curriculum Night, and I’ll likely go. It’s pretty nice. I’m hoping I’ll finish my project. But I’m still okay, albeit sick.


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