// ordinary saturday ;;

Still sick… It’s kinda lame. ;_; I’m still coughing after a week or so, and still unable to be active in P.E. without dying.

I got some extra sleep today, hours that I’ve been needing this week. But I’m still tired. I wish I didn’t have church in the morning. But it’s okay. Anyway, my appointment is Wednesday, so I’m hoping I’ll be okay until then. People said it should be sooner. What ifs come up in particular. lol. Do people think I’m really going to die before Wednesday? I love my optimistic friends. ;D

I’m anticipating Sakura-Con in April already, even though I’m not cosplaying. I wish I had my own camera, but maybe once I get enough money. =D So many things I wish I could buy. I only seem to get $100+ once a year. Then it drops. Rapidly. lol.

Anyway, kind of tired now. Follow my twitter if you want to know how much I’m suffering. *waves*


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