// a little more ;;

I’m so tired lately… my health is horrible, and I don’t know…

Something happened a few days back on the 25th. It touched my heart deeply. It felt nice.. But it’s had me thinking until today. Not bad thinking… But, I’ll password-blog.

My doctor appointment’s tomorrow. Not much to look forward to.

School has been pretty boring.. I have an A, B+, A, A, B+, A, so… *Shrugs* I’ve been taking naps in my classes. ^^; Especially French class. FATIGUE.

Anime Club today was okay, we watched some Tsubasa. Fangirled. I literally jumped over a desk to famgirl over Sakura-hime. <3 And then we discussed cosplay. I’m still deciding. *Sigh*

I’m kind of really tired. I’ve been doing a Halloween event on THG, and it’s been very fun! Not much has happened with me lately though. ^^;


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