// november ;;

Did everyone have a nice Halloween? It was kinda decent for me. *Shrugs* I’m tired, even with the jump back for daylight savings. I got 11 hours of sleep on Saturday, and about 8 hours today. *Yawns*

I haven’t been doing much, just kinda sitting around with moderation for LSS. I’ve been trying to “relax” this weekend, because I know I overwork myself sometimes. (Yes. Sometimes.) But… Oh, well. ;_;

I was talking to my grandma about getting a job next year, so I could start saving up for the future. I think I might be able to, though last year, my parents said I shouldn’t get a job until I’m 18, because they probably know I overwork myself to death. Maybe they forgot. lol. But I really want to help support my family now, so we can get a bigger house.

My grandma told me that in 4 years, she’d give me $5,000 for a car, and my parents and I would pay for the rest, but I don’t know yet… I just want to start helping with paying the bills with my family. I’m really grateful to them for everything they’ve done the last 14 years. It’s very memorable.

But anyway, besides that, I’m just spending money left and right, lol. ;_; I’m down to $27-ish? Aahhh. ;_; And on top of that, it’s almost the end of the weekend. I’m still kind of sick… *Sighs*


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