// scared ;;

Hahaha, lately, I’ve been kind of “scared” at times. Today was one of those days that it kind of happened many times.

Today, I tried to go to the store in the morning to find an American flag for social studies class. I searched for 17 minutes, finally ready to ask someone, and when I did, they said that they didn’t have any. *Sigh* So I was afraid of failing my social studies assignment. I told my friend Alison, and she told me to ask our first period teacher (science) if she would happen to have a flag I could borrow for fifth period.

I didn’t want to ask because I didn’t want to be troublesome, so I told my friend to ask for me. Well, Alison goes over to Jesse and tells her that I needed a flag. So Jesse says to our science teacher, “Ms. H, she has a question!” And I quickly try to think of an excuse because I was so afraid of asking. Jesse finally asked for me, and I was almost about to cry, probably because I felt scared for some reason.

Secondly, after fifth period, when I went to return the teacher’s flag, she told me that I shouldn’t be scared of her, and that it’s always okay to ask her. (But she threatened me that if I didn’t return with the flag, I’d be dealt with, lulz.) But she said I shouldn’t be afraid to ask her, and I nodded in agreement.


I went to a cemetery today, to visit my grandma’s friend’s husband. I had never seen him or met him before /ever/. But a lady asked if I was scared. I shook my head. I was being honest. So she offered me to walk up to the coffin (is that what it’s called?) and to look at the man. So I did. He seemed peaceful, and I wasn’t afraid at all. But for some reason, tears started to come up in my eyes and I just started crying for a while. But this was my first time seeing him, and I wasn’t scared. Then what was happening? I didn’t understand…


There’s been a storm today, and well, I really, really, really, really have a bad fear of thunder. Well, thunder totally shook the house and I was sitting here, my knees to my chest and just trying to not listen to it. Lightning struck and thunder made a loud entrance again. I nearly cried in the corner here. It’s been horrible.

I hope my three-day weekend will be alright and relaxing. I’ll try to sleep now, seeing as it’s pretty late. *Yawns*


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