// too much ;;

Well, my day overall was a so-so. I’m not in a wonderful mood, but you know, I’m just not feeling well, so…

Umm, I read scary stories last night! Yes. I had such a hard time falling asleep, but I did get a phone call from my boyfriend. So we whispered to one another for five-ish minutes, telling each other to go to sleep. (It was midnight/2am, what did you expect? ;D) But huzzah, he finally gave in! After all, it was later for him than it was for me. And he had to get up in three-ish hours. .-.

Well, we finished a test in science, but my friend was talking to someone next to us, and both my friend and I got in trouble for it. She explained it and the teacher was willing to let her go, but I was willing to get in trouble with her. But I’m glad the teacher didn’t get mad at her.

We switched seats in geometry, and just did 37 homework problems due Thursday. I finished 35, 2 of them were too confusing. No homework for me!

French? Do we usually ever do much? We listened to a 10-minute song and watched a video about clothing. Whoo.

We are studying the FITT principle in P.E., and we got to use a math class for it, lulz. We get to start our goals tomorrow. Yaay.

Lunch… It was average. People talking about Pandora Hearts.

Social studies? Hmmmm.. We did reading from a textbook and took notes on why the event caused the colonies and Britain to be less close. I have two more boxes to do, but it’s in-class work and we get time tomorrow.

English? We had a test. Word + Definition, Blanks, specific location in story (time, location, place, day, etc), historical events, 2 essay questions and an extra credit. I did the extra credit too, and finished second. *Yawns*

When I was heading off the bus, I was trying to fast-walk to the crosswalk, and I literally felt like I was going to throw up on the sidewalk and then pass out. I don’t know how or why I felt like that. But I had a friend beside me, so I couldn’t let myself look like I was feeling terrible. I wasn’t pushing myself, but it was just horrible pain. I just don’t know why… It just kind of hit me out of nowhere and it was just a devastating blow. Ugh…

Ummm.. Not much happened at home today. I did some graphics. And my sister hit me trying to “play” around by taking my phone. She knew we were joking around and she slapped my arm and I was crying. Hahaha, she tried to stop my tears. ;_; It really hurt… But it’s alright. Not red or anything.


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