// day-off ;;

It’s a pretty normal day, besides the fact that it’s Wednesday and feels like Sunday.

I fell asleep around 2am after playing a game, and woke up a couple of times during the night. I finally wake up around 9am or so, and get ready to leave to Seattle with my mommy and sister. I received an IM at that time from Razor. ^^

Um, on our way to Seattle, there were quite a few police cars. Anyway, I was singing until we got there, and went eating because my mommy can tell when I’m hungry, apparently. She reads minds. *Flashback to Tuesday* I told my friend I wanted hot and sour soup, right? This was on the bus. Well, that night, mommy comes home with soup. ;_;

After that, we went grocery shopping at two different stores. And my aunty calls saying she wants bubble tea from Ambrosia from downtown Seattle. So we drove there after shopping. I didn’t notice it was so close to Pink Godzilla/International Model Toys (aka anime store?) though. Hm. Well, I ran in there while my mommy parked and waited. She gave me $40. I think that’s a lot for bubble tea, hahaha. I think my order was 3 regular milk tea with tapioca, one without ice and one strawberry milk tea with angel jelly. I ended up giving them three dollars in tips! Hehe~

My mommy was shocked at my generosity. XDD Anyway, after that, we drove home, more police cars, etc. It’s been a half-decent day. I’m going to post some graphics soon, so look out! <3


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