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Well, today, I went to the movies with my best friend, Usagi. We went to see Astro Boy. <3

Well, we went to pick her up and my mommy dropped us off. She runs in, apparently she knows her way well. o_o She bought tickets and I bought the snacks! Ah, and then from behind, I get tickled by my aunty and uncle who were also at the theaters to see 2012. Well, we sit in the middle-ish rows and we watched the movie. I cried three times. The beginning, semi-middle and then the end. She was totally laughing at me for crying. XDD

Anyway, after the movie, we played Guitar Hero, well, she did. She was so awesome!! <3 Then we headed across the street to the food court in the mall, where we ate hot dogs in pretzel bread? I think that’s what it is. Well, after that, we wandered the mall and headed into Game Stop to look around the games. She wanted Phoenix Wright, but we couldn’t find it, so we went out and went to the candy shop.

Then we got bored and walked to Sanrio to get me a belated present. lolol, I bought three small items: a 14 charm (14 years old), a candy and bubble gum. But apparently she played a trick on me and bought a lot of stuff and gave it to me. =|

We wandered some more and ended up heading back to the theater, going up and down the escalators. XDD Mommy picked us up and dropped her off and then we went home.

The movie was really good. It was unexpected. But I was crying. Which was expected. Of course, I mention Usagi’s homework and she changes subject. *Coughs* And she called me short. Of course. XDD <3


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