// yet another monday… ;;

I’m not particularly enjoying Mondays… I really need a break, and weekends just fly by too fast. Apparently I set my alarm a little later than I anticipated, because I needed to go to the store this morning to grab some supplies. I still did have time, and I got out of the store by 7:41, so I had 18 minutes to get to school.

Classes were decent today… We had a substitute in geometry, he was the rather clueless guy and nobody really liked him… but from what I heard from our geometry teacher’s wife, he was out because their daughter was really sick. Again, these are the times where it totally blows my mind that my English teacher and geometry teacher are married.

Anyway, French was same-same… P.E. was basically underhand and overhand passes in volleyball… Lunch was same-same… Social studies was full of stressss. ;_; And English was same-same. It was really rainy today, and I just feel a little dizzy at this point. I want to get some sleep, but… I get so tired by 2nd period at this point and I drag myself through the rest of the day.

*Yawns* And I have LSS and AE to take care of as well as graphics, so there really isn’t much time to rest…


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