// simple tuesday ;;

17th of November, Tuesday. Normal, boring day.

I came to school early, so I talked to my 7th grade English teacher who said I didn’t look well today. Really? Huh.. I visited my geometry teacher and I was rather worried about his daughter. ;_; And then he and another student (who was also visiting him) were talking about TVs… lol.

Science, we wrote a few things, played a game with marshmallows…

Geometry, our teacher came back because his daughter was sick and our English teacher stayed home.

French, same-old.

P.E., running + volleyball = death of Hikari.

Social Studies – Same old.

English – Same. With a substitute teacher.

I came home today and made food, and came upstairs for a while. Daddy said I looked pale… Hm.. That’s not a good sign.. And I got my progress report for the quarter.

A, B+, A, A, B+, A = 3.767 GPA.

Meanwhile, I miss him…


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