// sigh, wednesday ;;

Today was iffy. As in… I don’t feel well.

Science… We lit matches and launched them as “rockets”. We did it inside and although there wasn’t too much smoke, it made me feel so unwell… plus the fact I had trouble breathing as-is, the smoke being inhaled was so terrible for me.. I wish I could have stood next to the window the entire time. And we have a test Friday.

I realize that I forgot my homework at home and it was about ~86 points. I’ll turn it in tomorrow. We got assigned more homework. Yay. *Yawns* I think we have a test Friday. I think.

French… Same old? We have a test tomorrow. Yay.

P.E… We played volleyball. We were so bad that we were good. We totally won. Sadly.

Lunch… We talked about spoons. Yes. Spoons. Apparently my friend who was American didn’t like Asian spoons? o_o?

Social studies, worksheet, I finished third. Agh, I was so bored the last 20 minutes or so. I gave my friend a lollipop, about 4 inches in diameter, and I was called crazy because my friend was already hyper on sugar. Hey, that sounds like me daily! *Coughs* The sugar wears off so fast for me now. Too much sugar consumption.

English, we did vocabulary. That I did last month. So I spent the time working on math. Hahaha. >->;

Otherwise, I’ve been quite the sickly and tired little girl. As always! Well, I’m just trying to relax myself now. I also miss him.. I hope he’s safe.


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