// already thursday? ;;

I realize that I’ve posted everyday this week, but I had no idea it was already Thursday. o_o

Well, I fell asleep around… Okay, so I totally forget what time it was. It was likely around 11:00 or 10:30 or so. I woke up around 7:00, and then fell asleep. ;_; But since mommy takes me to school, I’m usually not late. Well, anyway…

Science, we did a pretty neat lab which related to energy chains. If you wanna try it, I totally memorized it. :D

Materials: 120mL of 30% hydrogen peroxide solution, yeast diluted in 50mL of WARM water (for about 10 minutes), food coloring, 16 oz water bottle.

WARNING. This is a bit messy if you do it right. So PLEASE be careful. ;_;

First, you fill the water bottle with 120mL of hydrogen peroxide. Then you add one to three drops of food coloring. After that, you swirl the yeast and pour that into the bottle as well. The two should react to one another and cause a rather messy outcome.

PLEASE wash your hands if you’ve touched it, because you could cause injury if you were to get the hydrogen peroxide in your eyes or anything.

Well, after that, we just got more geometry homework. Ah, our geometry jokes are so lame, it’s funny. We had an oral test in French, basically about clothing. After that, we just played volleyball in P.E… Lunch was same-same…

In social studies, we’re starting a research project. I received a paper saying we (the team) had a meeting on December 1st. I think it’s about more school-wide events. Though I have to miss part of 1st period for it. >-<

Anyway, English was about the same. I’m glad their daughter got to go to her field trip today. X3 If I hadn’t told you, my English teacher and geometry teacher are married, and their little daughter was sick the past few days. I asked my geometry teacher about her today and she was feeling better, it seems! I was very glad.

Anyway, I’m okay, I just feel like I could potentially get a fever soon. I’m trying to keep myself safe and healthy, but it’s not working it seems… I’m trying so hard..


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