// usual monday ;;

Mondays are so predictable at school. It’s really boring…

Lessee… Science. I got a B on a test. We did review. I got an answer right. Once you do, you get an extra bonus point if you can make the basketball into the hoop. Apparently someone thought I was going to slam dunk it in. *Facepalm* And we started a lab.

Our teacher’s son was sick today, so our geometry teacher was out. Apparently our substitute teacher was in a school that divided students by “very smart”, “smart” and “everyone else”. o_o I’ll take everyone else, please.

French, we talked about food. I mentioned fondant au chocolate because I saw it at the Japanese pastry shop where I usually get my eclairs. Yum. And we watched a video which had a mime. o_o

P.E., we did health, basically about alcohol and drugs. But I finished early and I finished geometry homework. Yaay. And then my friend was a delinquent and skipped the last three minutes of class… While we were heading back to the gym.

Lunch, a teacher noticed I wasn’t eating lunch and she said she might have to give me detention. Is it my fault that I’m not hungry…? *Sigh* I don’t want detention…

Social studies, some kid was asking us questions and said, “What happens if it’s a mandatory non-mandatory study club?” And I told him it was an oxymoron. Of course, he asks me what oxymoron was. A contradiction. What’s a contradiction? Two opposites that are formed in the same sentence. What are opposites? Facepalm. And we started talking about oxymoron.

English, we got papers passed back, more reading. Not much.

I had a lot of requests to do today… ;_;


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