// thanksgiving weekend ;;

Hey, happy Thanksgiving, everyone! <3 It’s finally my four-day weekend. Oh. I’ve never had turkey before. Feel free to attack me with turkey now. D=<

In Science, we were talking about turkeys. And then moose. o_o But uh, we spent 40 minutes typing or writing a conclusion for the lab we did yesterday. It was a pretty boring class, besides my teacher writing random stuff in the powerpoint that she put up so we could write our conclusions. It was lulz.

Geometry… We asked questions. Got our questions answered. Corrected homework. I ate a warhead. My friend laughed at me because it was so sour. ;_; No homework though. Oh, and we talked about KH. >->

French. We did Bingo. And got cookies. P.E., it was basically a day to do the work we didn’t finish. Which meant 55 minutes of free time for me. Lunch was same-same, except we talked about Sakura-Con.

Social Studies, we basically wanted to rebel and have the project due Tuesday. She said it was due Tuesday. Then we wanted to rebel for Wednesday, but we had no guts. lulz. But then my friend was humming to music that I slowly recognized… And then out came me singing to “Hikari” or “Simple and Clean” in the US by Utada Hikaru. It was a bad idea because I didn’t realize I had an audience… ._. My friend says (yet again), “Doesn’t she sound cute enough to be a voice actress?” NO. ; ; Well, then I was told that I should sing Dear You from Higurashi. And then Toki wo Kizamu Uta. It felt like a concert in social studies. .-.

English, we did the easiest test ever. (Yet, watch me fail it.) and then we read. The book is almost over! ;_;

Well, other than that, I worked on my project. I gotta get working on graphics tomorrow. I also have church tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

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