// the day after ;;

Listening to: Natsumachi – Round Table feat. Niro

Today was so-so.

I fell asleep around 2:30 am after playing a few rounds of DDR Extreme 7th mix and watching some Code Geass, xxxHOLiC, Spice and Wolf and Tsubasa. lol, well, then the next morning, I was woken by my sister to go to Subway. *Yawns* Since my grandparents don’t speak much English and my cousin and sister are lazy people. ;D

Well, after that, I came home, ate, played online and then went to the game store. We got two games for my cousin and one for myself (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon). THE LINE WAS SO LONG OMG. We looked at gift cards in line. lol, I liked the DSi points one. ;w; They’re so expensive though. Anyway, after that, I came home, registered it on Club Nintendo and played it some. My DSi keeps turning off on its own. I am sad. ;_;

Well, then I went on LSSF and kinda looked around. We ate lasagna later on, and played with blocks. Yay. It’s been a pretty boring-decent day, and not much happened. D= (Except Razor abusing his powers on LSS.)

Well, that’s about it.

Listening to: Aozora – YURIA


2 responses to “// the day after ;;

  1. Laturi November 28, 2009 at 7:57 am

    Razor doing whaat??! =O

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