// the last saturday of the month ;;

Oh, well, I didn’t realize the title would be /that/ long. Well… VOILA.

I fell asleep around 4:00 this morning and caught my sister’s cold overnight, but of course, it turns 10 times worse when it enters my system. x_x So I woke up at 2pm today and I felt so terrible that I didn’t even want to get up. .-.

Later, I got online and posted around on LSSF. My ethnicity is not important enough to know, but I found out that VK is anti-Danish. XDD? I’m just a secretive person when it comes to details about myself.

Well, I’ve played some Fire Emblem and Razor continues to ABUSE HIS POWAH. WRRRRYYYY. Meanwhile, we have a Pokemon battle in the chatbox, quite lovely, lulz. And I realize it’s almost December already. >-<

What does everyone want for Christmas? As for myself, the few things I want aren’t obtainable for the time being.


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