// a la mode sunday ;;

A LA MODE. Now I want cake… .-.

Lessee… Last night, I played a little bit of Fire Emblem before sleeping and I receive a text from Razor, asking about the fonts on the set I made. So I quickly log on, give him the names, and I get caught! Luckily, I guess it was because mommy was half-asleep, so she wasn’t so angered~ I was very glad!

Well, then I try heading to sleep and I get bored. I couldn’t fall asleep until 3 or so, and then I woke up (on my own omg) around 7:30. I couldn’t get up. I could look around the room, but my body just refused to get up. My mommy later comes to wake us up and I’m feeling so horrible. My mommy told me I should stay home and rest, but I was okay. I still had some strength left in me!

In church, I fell asleep for mere moments, and I just felt pretty yucky. We dropped cousin home at his house after church and I let him borrow Fire Emblem (Princess Caeda, I’ll come back soooon. ;___;) for the week. Um, then we went to eat! Yes. And later left to buy bubble tea. Ah, strawberry milk tea with angel jelly~ ^-^

Anyway, after that, we drove home (because mommy had to change from her long dress for church to normal clothes) and went to the store. I bought my grandpa and aunty birthday presents (1st and 2nd of December respectively), and Shelly said I should tell her that she’s old. But she’s not! XDD My aunt is 28. And she’ll be 30 when I turn 16. That must be saddening for her. That, and the fact that the world won’t be prepared for my bad driving.

In other news, my cold is still really bad. But I have to do finishing touches on a presentation tomorrow (hence my wallet only having a single dollar left) so I had to get a flashdrive. It is a cute one! It’s a light shiny blue with three butterflies on each side. It’s 2GB and it was $16.44 (tax included). It’s only for school/club stuff, so it’s not bad. Otherwise, it would have been faaaar from enough space.

lololol, my sister got mad at me because my mommy and I mentioned getting a laptop, and my sister wanted one, but my mommy said that it goes to the oldest first, so she would get the desktop for her random kid games. <3 Of course, it’d be a lot faster because all of my junk would be cleared from the desktop. Though I think my mommy wants to get a portable DVD player first. Probably because it gets so boring when she has no customers.

Otherwise, 15 days until Winter Break. The countdown begins.


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