// november 2009 is gone ;;

Can you imagine that the last month of 2009 is already approaching? I really can’t.

I fall asleep around 11:30 pm, wake up at the usual 7:14am, but I have so much trouble getting up, it’s like my energy just flew out of me and went on vacation. Although I eventually did get up to go to school. I threw my stuff down onto my science table, and I fall asleep for a few minutes. Then I drag myself up and walk to the usual spot (my friends usually meet in room 14, 7th grade social studies teacher). We talk for a while, and then sing, and later leave. XDD

Science was okay. We had to blow up balloons (Oho, I couldn’t do this to save my life because I could barely breathe as it is, let alone blowing up balloons.) And we later went to the computer lab to study electricity.

Geometry, we did an activity and got more homework, and someone in the back starting singing the alphabet, lolol. Our geometry class is so fun, probably because we’re all familiar with one another. Though I was still coughing to death, it was fun.

French, I got a green slip saying that I should come down to the counseling office, and it was marked “when convenient”, which basically means, “you’re not in any trouble”. So it was convenient (we were talking about Christmas in France), and I walked down to the counselor. She couldn’t remember what she was going to talk to me about, but apparently my teachers were supposed to talk to me about schedule changes? I’m not sure.

P.E., we did volleyball. End of story.

Lunch, same-same. We ate Pocky and I bugged my friend by saying, “Itadakimaaaaasu~” everytime I bit a piece of Pocky. And then she got revenge by poking me. D=< But other than that, I did a little homework.

Social studies, we worked on the last of our projects, and we were talking about more oxymoron-ness. And then we fought over whose flash drive looked coolest. >->

English, same-same. On the bus, I finished my homework and my friend said I looked tired. I was! But I’m quite okay. Otherwise, I’ve been dying with coughs and my chest feels like it can’t take it. @_@ I took some medicine, but it doesn’t do any good, apparently. I’ll sleep later. It’s a lovely way to end November. Get sick. Again.

In other news, I don’t like the comments on the banners for LSSF. I only find it to be half-decent. Like the last banner. *Shot* Well, until next time!


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